Policy strategies for “upskilling” the learning disabled

9 Apr

Excellent re-cap of WIOA which hardly anyone in my community has noticed! Thank you!

Climbing the Cinder Cone

It’s not often that I get excited reading about a government report. Not often, as in, never.

But in this month’s edition of LDA Legislative News, an article summarizing a government report made me sit up and go “Yes! They’ve figured it out!”

The article (it’s the third one down in the link) discusses a report that addresses how to improve the literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills among the millions of American adults with deficits in those areas. (Oxford Dictionaries says numeracy is “the ability to understand and work with numbers.”)  As you might expect, a significant proportion of the adults with low skills have learning disabilities. Low skills translate to trouble finding and keeping a job, which is likely to be low-paying anyway, which leads to low income for families, which often leads to societal problems and poor health and gloomy outcomes for the next generation. Not good.

The report

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